An interactive multimedia installation and performance piece

First Friday, Feb 5th, 2016,  6-9pm
Sunday, Feb 14th, 2016,  5-9pm

The public is invited to enter our version of Thomas Edison’s Black Maria studio and “give us a kiss” on camera, just like May Irwin and John C. Rice did for Thomas Edison Co. 120 years ago.  

The newly recorded videos will be projected in the gallery alongside the original 1896 film, all set to playful kiss-themed music, and will become part of a final video work that will mix Edison’s original film with the kisses recorded during the Public Displays installation.

Videos will be on display February 5th-27th. 2016.

RSVP on Facebook here and share your experience using the hashtag #publicdisplays

Fair Game Beverage Co will be on hand both nights with a very special Videri Chocolate Factory Port Wine as well as other delicious drinks made with their craft booze.

Videri Chocolate Factory will provide chocolate both nights, including hot cocoa on Valentine's Day.

Flanders Gallery 505 S. Blount Street (in the same building as Lump).  Raleigh, NC 27601 | Phone: 919.757.9533. 

Contact for more info: Marsha Gordon,